Camp Sponsors

1044372_488261921260708_10514994_nWe’d like to give special thanks to the following who made donations to our camp, & encourage you to support them! If you would like to donate money towards scholarships, food,  camp T-Shirts or want to donate any instruments, sound equipment, office materials, laptop, etc. please contact us. We greatly appreciate it as it helps to keep our tuition costs low. We are a 501c3.  Thank you for your support.


AC LENS – Generous yearly sponsor which enables us to give another scholarship each year as well as help with food costs at camp! Thank You AC Lens for your commitment, we appreciate you.

SMK LOGO– So much support for design & printing needs throughout the years.  Has donated camp tshirts several times & are the creators of this fabulous website.

GUITAR CENTER– For the past 5 years Guitar Center nationally sponsored all of the camps in the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, which we are a member of.  We got gear from Planet Waves,  D’Addario, Evans, Pro Mark, & Hearos with guitar strings, drum keys, drumsticks, workbooks, picks, cables, ear plugs, Daisy Rock guitars, gift cards for all the staff & students & $ to buy music equipment needed for the camp at Guitar Center!

COMFEST– For our 2012, 2013, & 2015 grants from them!

BEACON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT– Donated scholarship $$$ for several years!

DamesBond– Donated scholarship money!

DAISY ROCK– Donated an awesome new electric guitar in 2011 & 2012!

D’ADDARIO– Electric, Bass, & Acoustic Guitar Strings, Drum Sticks, Poster Charts.

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio– Donated bags for the campers workbooks, etc. in 2012, 2013, 2015.

DONATED SCHOLARSHIP $$- Jane Chabria, Chris Smithies, Barb Crisinger, Gloria Elliot, Kelly Belle, Tina Longo, DamesBond and Marie Rineveld.

Special thanks to Sile Singleton, Tina Hughes, Pia Farrell, & Raymond for volunteering for us at Comfest & Highball Halloween for camp donations.

BETTY’S, SURLY GIRL, & now TIP TOP, JURY ROOM, DIRTY FRANKS- Liz, Harold, Carmen, Tonya, & Amy have been endless supporters of us.

Dinners: – Letha Pugh & Wendy of Bake Me Happy have provided us dinner for several years!

Also Chris, Za, Wahru, Kevin, Barry, & Marie for bringing meals & goodies out to us.

UNION CAFE– Donated delicious food for our campers for several years.

MARZETTI’S– Salad Dressings, Fruit & Veggie Dips, noodles, bread, etc. for several years!

STONEWALLCOLUMBUS– Donated $ towards food.

LATE NIGHT SLICE – Donates delicious pizza’s for our Pizza Party!

MUSIC GO ROUND– Donated 10 small & medium size acoustic guitars!

ROCKIN IN THE STREETS– Past major annual event contributor.

LADYFESTOHIO– Past major event contributor.

COLUMBUS PERCUSSION– Drum sticks & rhythm goodies.

SAM ASH– Vinyl bags, sticks, & sam ash shirts.

DONATED INSTRUMENTS: Julia Presas – Ovation acoustic guitar; Letha Pugh– electric guitar & amp; Mariah & Abby Fuerst-trap drum set & electric guitar;  Brenda Direen(American Canvas)– Bass Guitar & T-shirts; Tiffany-Daisy Rock Electric Guitar

WENDY SWEENY(REALTOR)- Donated scholarship money & an acoustic guitar. *She & SMK  donated camp tshirts for 2 years.

ROTHAN SCHULER PRODUCTIONS– Donated materials & time for mask making/theatre workshops.

PERCUSSIVE ARTS SOCIETY/Ohio Chapter– Donated drum sticks for 2 years.



BP WILD BEAN CAFE– At Polaris Parkway.

DESI STEINBROOK– Donated 10 lbs. of taco meat for the pot luck.

LAURA DRUM – Paid for pizzas & pop for our 1st pizza party.

BOBBIE PEDERSEN – Paid for pizza party for several years.

KROGER, GIANT EAGLE, WALMART, TARGET – donated gift cards.

JONI MOBLEY – Donated arts & craft supplies.

MARY B – Donated layout for camp brochure.

CAPACITY– Transported campers to their Open Mic for youth.

Community Lifestyles(Promowest Pavilion) 405 Neil Ave.

A big thanks to instructors/staff & friends who provided use of microphones, sound equipment, electric, bass, & acoustic guitars, keyboards, trap drums, congas, hand drums & rhythm instruments when we first started:
Molly Paukin, Katie Reider, Barbara Wahru Cleveland, Becky Angelo, Kim Ward, Donna Mogvero, Sile Singleton, Leah Davis, Molly Gutilla, Hilda Doyle, & Drew Miller Davis.