To provide a discrimination free, safe space
To build self-confidence & self-esteem
To provide positive female role models
To convey the importance of setting and reaching goals
To demonstrate the importance of self-discipline in achieving goals
To convey the importance of teamwork & community where girls support & encourage each other
To foster creativity
To inspire young girls to follow their dreams!
To have fun!!

Workshops on songwriting, drumming, voice techniques, sound equipment, gear, performance, stage direction, dance, making hand drums, art music projects, & more!

Learn More about:
Women in music
Turning words into songs
Working together in a group as a band
Stage performance
How to use your voice
How to use sound equipment
Different music professions
Basic trap set drumming
Hand drum rhythms & techniques
Acoustic, Electric, & Bass guitar lessons
Keyboard lessons
Power of music to create personal & social change
Creating promo materials
On-stage performance technique
Overcoming on-stage fears
Cable repair