The camp is led by amazing women musicians, who are joined by guest artists who come in to do special workshops &/or be on site to answer questions and help you take your songs, music, dance, art a step beyond what you think you can do. Instructors have or do include:

993896_488261907927376_1391033812_nJanet Jordan, Megan Banks, Carol Walker, Amber Knicole, Katie Reider, Donna Mogavero, Joselyn JP Parker,  Becky Angelo, Barbara Wahru Cleveland, Helen Yee, Mary B, Sile Singleton, Alexis Antes, Tina Hughes, Lois Sinicropi, Harold LaRue.

Lindsay Bernhagen, Lara Yazvac Pipia,  Becky Karppala, Terry May, Tish Richmond, Kelly Bell, Sunny Graff, Michelle Ishida, Nicole Williams, Elaine Manusakis, Za Unit, Molly Paukin, Leah Davis, Mary Player, Deidre Grey, Tracy Walker, Heidi Howes, Heather & Jovana from Hot Cha Cha, Trina Hamlin, Dionne Custer, Rothan Schuler Productions, Hilda Doyle, Gail Budlong, Linda Dachtyl, Kay Harris, Gretchen Tepper, Sarah Asher, Megan Palmer, Anna Paolucci, Elisa Nicalos, Deanna Sweeny, Molly Winters, Lori Gum, Meloney Nemeth, Diedre Barlow, Liz Rubbino.

Dance instructors: Jessica Chandler, Pat Funderburg, Aziza West, Shirley Parish, Freda Ayodale, Dre

Past campers who became counselors & instructors:  Drew Davis, Hilary Santos, Fayth Dobbs, Shai Norwood, Gabby, Latasha Captain, Deidre Grey

Workshops have included: Songwriting, hand drumming (making & playing), drum circles, mask making, stage direction, special vocal exercise’s, stage performance techniques, stage performance accessories, karoke, electric guitar pedal sounds, trap drum techniques & beats, songwriting collaboration, punk guitar & homemade sound boxes, African Dance Movement,  Bellydancing, Modern Dance with choreography, poetry, taking your song a step farther, keyboards, putting the music to your song,  lessons on all instruments, self defense, promo/poster making, banner painting, equipment handling, sound boards, cable repair/soldering, recording, yoga, free style, music theory, Rock Hall of Fame workshops.

Also on hand who have helped with art projects, cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc. have been the invaluable Joni Mobley, Rene Gore, Holly Wilson, Swany, Tera Davis, Kathy Mudd.


Suzie Simpson